Kamila Ewa Grzywacz


Kamila Ewa Grzywacz (born 1972 in Zgierz, Poland). She graduated in 1992 from the Art Gymnasium in Lodz. From 1994 to 1998 she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Wl. Strzeminski in Lodz, where she obtained the title of master in art with the specializations: fashion design and painting. In 1999 she moved to the Netherlands and was accepted as a member of the Artists Association Hoorn & Omstreken. Kamila's art has gone through several phases over the past 23 years (since graduating from the Academy). Her paintings were based on realism that was previously combined with abstraction and fantasy. Since 2018, the paintings are increasingly realistic but also more graphic in nature (series with the flowers). Inspired by her favorite periods in art history, which has always been very special to her personal art development from an early age. It concerns Jugendstil, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and stained glass effects strongly linked to these art styles (a clear contour that separates forms and emphasizes them at the same time).

From 2021 her art will transform more and more into more graphic, stylized forms, compositions that have clear contours and yet always characteristic of her intense colors with harmonious shades. Themes as before are based on nature in the broad sense of the word. The compositions that can be described as graphic abstractions with distinctive wave-style dynamic shapes that still have much in common with her favorite trends mentioned earlier in art history. Kamila does not give up the contours and color dynamics that were characteristic of her paintings from the past period. There is no doubt that the artist is constantly seeking and exploring new subjects and ideas. So fascinating and exciting for herself and others who follow her art what images the coming years will bring to discovering new visions and ideas. Regardless of the transformation of Kamila's paintings, they are always great. They reveal their own beauty and are even more impressive in real life than in the photo!


    1996 - Exhibition of self-designed and made jewelry. And at the same time an international jewelery exhibition in Leipzig Germany.

    1998 - Fashion show of own collection and painting exhibition of own work in Lodz-Poland.

    2002 - Exhibition together with 4 other Dutch artists at gallery "Denieuwe Reiger" in Bovenkarspel. -Member exhibition "New members exhibit". Joint exhibition of new artists at KVH&O in De Boterhal in Hoorn.

    2004 -Member exhibition at KVH&O in De Boterhal in Hoorn. Joint exhibition of various artists from Noordholland. 2007 -Exhibition of own work in café-restaurant HEMA in Hoorn.

    2009 -Member exhibition at KVH&O in De Boterhal in Hoorn. Joint exhibition with the theme "Old and New". 2010/2011 -Member exhibition at KVH&O in De Boterhal in Hoorn. Joint exhibition under the theme "Never seen before".

    2011 -Exhibition in the Westfries Gasthuis in Hoorn. The exhibition contains 25 paintings of his own work.

    2011 -Hoorn Art and Culture Market 2013 January-April, exhibition at the Diabetes Research Center in Hoorn From August 1,

    2014 - I live and work at the Castricum.

    2016 - Exhibition at the Streetscape gallery near Castricum

    2016 - Professional Art Market Bergen and Spaarndam

    2019 - Art bikecykle route Castricum

    2020/21 December/January/February - Exhibition at Northwest Hospital Group near Alkmaar "Art as medicine"... unfortunately canceled due to Corona.

    2022 May - Exhibition Limmen Artistic & Creatieve  at Cultural Center Vredeburg in Limmen

    2022 June - Art bikecykle route Castricum

    2023 July - Art Market  Alkmaar

    2023 August - Art Market at Bergen aan Zee